About Us

About Us.

Hello Friends this is Dhananjay Form indiabusinessideas.com 
we have business management consultant firm. 

We always were trying to consultant every Indian younger who have aim in their life. Who want to achieve in life. Who want to do something new.
India’s population is more than 120 crore and we know maximum younger’s educated in their native language. That’s why they not fluent with English.  And here on internet much website / blogs in English so we start this Blog in Hindi language, to easily understand for anyone who visits our blog from India’s any state or any village.  
We are trying to consultant about each and every business – online, local, manufacturing, franchise, shops and home based business and much more. 
Our old website confoinfo is now renamed with India business ideas with new platform. Because of some reasons we find our old platform not good for us. Some issues like site loading time and design. So we now here on blogger to communicate with you
If you have any question about any business please ask us. We will try to answer you as soon as possible. Your every question is valuable for us.

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